Wednesday, April 15, 2009

phone calls

March 21st, 2009
I feel whiny. Get over it, I think. Ya, whatever. I miss the man.
Usually we would have seen each other this weekend. He would have come here. This weekend he has his son due to Spring Break.
Both have children = no see each other.
It makes me sad hence the whiny.
We do what we have to do which is revert to our phone calls. I would say the past month or longer they have not gone over an hour. They usually end at 30 minutes. At the beginning it was 3 hours!! Remember that? I do.
This night was a great phone call night.
I went to my friend Melissa's house and had a psychic reading. She tells me right off the bat that I was getting married in 3 months. WHAT!?? My reply was when is he going to ask? Soon she said. Well, shouldn't he say he loves me first? That would be weird if he didn't! Basically we are getting married in 3 months and the reason why things are not moving along quicker is because he thinks he needs to pay off all debt before doing anything and I need to tell him to forget about the debt and live life. It will be paid off and we will be happy. Blah, blah, blah. OH! We will have a son and build a house. We are also taking a trip to the West Coast next fall. HMMM.
I get home, put my daughter to bed and called him.
He asked what the psychic lady said. OK, I was all bold at the reading and said I would tell him everything but now that it comes down to it I can't! I did say he needs to not worry about the debt and live life. He said OK, he was doing that. I told him in 3 months something big was gonna happen. He said "you are not having a baby are you?" I said "if I did, it would not be yours."
haha. I am sooooooo bad!
Now that I see that, it was kinda rude! Oh Gosh. Thankfully he laughed.
Anyways, the conversation continues and all is well. He made some random comment that I called him a woman during one of our make out sessions. I totally forgot about that!! But I did call him a woman! Why would I ever do that you ask? He wouldn't give me any, remember?! I completely 100% wanted the sex and he would only give me foreplay. No sex. I was pissed. I laughed that he brought it up and then said "Wow, that must have really caused you grief. I am sorry. I did not mean it the way you thought. I am sorry."
He forgave me but kept bringing it up! I was thinking OK, now he is totally being a woman (we do bring up things that happened 5 years ago when we need arsenal). I am still cracking up about that!
The conversation went really well. There was a lot of laughs. Lots of me TOO moments. It made me want to reach in the phone and squeeze him tight. Too bad I couldn't.
At the end he said this was one of our best conversations. I have to agree.
Key notes from psychic: I would be married in 3 months - she was thinking a July wedding
I would have a son
We would build a house
My X would not cause problems with the marriage or us getting together (remember Mr Big Man lives 30 away from me)
I would be invited to Church and I would go regularly
He would love my daughter like his own and he would want to adopt her

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