Wednesday, April 8, 2009

MRI day

March 10th, 2009
I am on the sliding thing - you know the slidy thingy that goes into the tube. Knees elevated. They are trying to insert an IV in me. I tell them I have small veins and they should use the butterfly. I mean, yesterday they drew 4 tubes of blood so I know what I am talking about.
5 tries later they get it in. That freaking hurt! The IV is in my right hand... well the opposite side of my wrist, more towards the top of the hand than the arm. It still hurts. They inject some dye into the IV. I can taste it. Eww, metallic.
They secure my head. They ask what music I would like to listen to.
They push me into the tube. I close my eyes. I remember a friend telling me to tell them to turn the music up for the MRI makes loud noises. I yell that to them. The volume goes up.
There are clicks. Does that sound mean it is taking pictures or is it from something rotating in there? Click, click, click.
I try to relax but my hand / arm but it still hurts and if I turn it or hold it "wrong" I can feel the pull of the vein. It really does not feel good.
Just listen to the music. Relax. Reeeeelaaaaaaaaaax. Don't move that arm!
Hey this is a good song. I sing in my head.
Click, click, click, click , click.
This is not so bad.
Another good song.
They pulled me out. Whoa! What just happened? We're done? Oh, OK. That was not bad at all. In fact I may have started to drift off to sleep - with my arm at an awkward angle.
Results are going to my Doctor in about a week or less.
My arm still hurts. I take inventory and see 5 cotton balls on my arms. 3 on the left and 2 on the right. Don't they teach these people how to insert IV's into people with teeny veins?
I head back into work.


  1. I have teeny veins too, so I feel your pain. They took ten tries when I was laboring with my eldest. Ten, and they finally got it in my thumb! Talk about a pain. Plus, I looked like I'd been attacked by a squid or something for a week afterward.

    I hope your results are good.

  2. Post note: Ah ha! Finally, a comment took. :)


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