Thursday, April 30, 2009

i'll get your attention

April 13th, 2009
I am working but I am at a Country Club.
My hair looks awesome! I am wearing purple which I look very good in. My make up is on. I am looking good. In fact I would say I am looking HOT today.
This will turn out to be a good thing.
I am helping set up the room. When done I walk to the windows and stand in front of the glass door. There is a buffet line. I see they get to eat BBQ today. It smells yummy. I am looking at all the food. My eyes drift and I notice it is a huge golfer meet. Or whatever they are called. Lots of golfers. Getting their "T" on, maybe?
A person calls me "Nikki, do you think ...." We chat for a bit.
I turn to look out the glass door again. Right in front of me is Mr P.
Mr P! Getting food in the buffet line.
My hand comes up and knocks on the glass. I am not even thinking. I see him and I knock.
He turns, sees me and smiles.
"Nikki, can you help me with this?" the other person asks.
I do not smile back, I turn and walk away.
I get his attention and walk away.
I remember. Oh God, I remember. I remember the insane chemistry. The incredible passion. Just being in the same room with him and SPARKS would come out of my body towards him. Insane chemistry. We were matched 100% there. He could not keep his hands off of me. He tried not to. I tried not too! We both failed. Wow. I never knew chemistry could exist between 2 people like that. It was overwhelming. It was incredible passion. The best I have ever had. I remember.
I also remember the unease I had. I remember being cautious. I remember not trying to scare him off. I remember walking on the egg shells.
He dumped me. I found peace with another. I am luckier over here.
I am hot today. I know I am. And I walked away from him. No smile. I got his attention and left. How about them apples?

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  1. I love this. Nothing is better than looking fabulous when you see someone from your past (be it a friend or an enemy or a former lover). Great post!


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