Monday, April 13, 2009

can you make a mountain out of a mole hill too?

March 15th, 2009
Okay! I told him I would text him when I got home. I started to. Didn't finish. I did not want to worry him but I was still so upset.
I went to bed. He texted me in the AM, wanting to know if I was OK.
He then called at 8:15ish and left a message. Are you alright? Did you make it home OK? I am worried. Let me know you are OK.
I texted back I was OK.
So, he shows he cares, right?
This is normal. This is what he does. He cares.
Am I making an issue when there is none? Possible. Very possible.
I need to talk to my Chickas.
Jenni. Thankfully we had a lunch date scheduled. She said there is no time frame to fall in love and she thinks he does care and would not string me along.
Aim! Amy I call for she knows what is up. She KNOWS. I was sabotaging this. STOP!
Alright I will.
I feel jipped. I didn't get my 2nd sex session!!! haha. Good Lord, what is he going to do when I loose this sex drive again?
I call him. Ask how his day was. We chat. I ask if he wants company later. He said yes. He is always up for seeing me.
I went over, again 9:00. We kiss and make up. Well, he has no idea there is a need to make up for this was all in my head, right? Poor soul.
I still got the make up sex.
Afterwards I cried. Just a little. Small tears came out for I was thinking how I could have screwed all this up. He asked what was wrong. I said nothing. He wanted to know what was right. I laughed. Cause you know, if nothing was wrong something had to be right to make me cry ...
I said everything was perfect.
I drove home this time with a smile on my face.

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