Wednesday, April 1, 2009

alarms ringing

March 5th, 2009
Sleep Over! Oh how I love thee. We get to spend a lot of time with each other and I get to sleep when I am tired. I tell you, the evenings when I get there at 9:00 and leave at 11:00ish are very draining. The next day I am exhausted. This short girl needs sleep!
We decided to try something different for dinner and go eat at Dillions. Yes, the grocery store! They re-vamped the one next to a new upscale Wal-Mart that will be opening soon. Yes I typed that right, an upscale Wal-mart. Oxymoron, huh?
Dillions went all fancy schmancy and they have a buffet line / restaurant style food area. In the dining area there are leather seats, real silverware, a fire place!!!, I mean this is nice. In a Dillions! I want one of them here.
We get our food and just as we are getting our drinks and to sit down the fire alarm goes off. It is loud. There is an alarm every 4-5 feet from each other. WE ARE YELLING TO TALK. WE YELL THAT WE NEED TO MOVE AS FAR AWAY FROM THE ALARMS AS POSSIBLE. WE YELL AS WE MOVE TABLES. PEOPLE ARE YELLING IN NORMAL CONVERSATION. IT IS VERY LOUD. WE LAUGH. OUR EARS HURT. WE YELL UNTIL THE ALARM GOES OFF. THE ALARM DOES NOT GO OFF FOR A SOLID 10 MINUTES.
When the fire men saunter in to turn the alarm off and we hear the sweet sound of silence that is when we realize we are still yelling at each other. It was pretty funny.
We then decided since we were at Dillions we needed to go grocery shopping. And we did! Are we boring or what? In truth, I like it.
Due to the new birth control pills we have to go back to using condoms for a bit. Well, the whore went away for almost 3 months. The whore is back! I begged him - yes BEGGED him to go in without one. He said no. Damn it!!!
An hour later after the sex hormones and dopamine go down I am thankful he tells me no. This man catches me. Every.single.time.

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  1. Really? An Upscale Walmart? Wow now I have hear dit all!


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