Friday, April 3, 2009


March 7th, 2009
Mr Big Man comes to my house this time. First time in a long time. I feel relief. Mother nature finally arrived and there is no sex. The first time in almost 2 months he comes to my house, there is no sex. Am I pissed off?
Not at all. Not at all. Surprised? I kinda was!
We watch TV. We like the same shows! We laugh at the same jokes. We laugh small or we laugh big but always the same. We are in sync. There were many me TOO moments.
We decide to get into bed, yes, knowing there is no sex. He pulls me close while we watch more TV. Our legs are intertwined. I decide to move my leg up and down his leg. I feel it. The comfort of him. The no drama. The peace. Sometimes the moments of peace overwhelm me. I am not use to it but I love it more than anything now. It's my salvation.
I stop moving my leg and become drowsy. We drift off to sleep. He has to wake up at 2:00 to leave. I tell him these are the moments I hate. The leaving at 2:00 AM. He agrees.
Hopefully sometime soon it will change.

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