Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our weekend - part 2 of 3

March 28th , 2009 part 2
It was time to go to bed. I was very sleepy but I could not sleep. My mind would not stop working. OK, so I forgave but I have not forgotten. I need to move on. I need to get over it. He said he was sorry. It just shows how ... it just shows how ... well, crap I have no idea what it shows. Sleep, Nikki, sleep!
But why sleep when he is still awake?!
"Mr Big Man" I start. "What do you think of me?"
Pause. Silence. He turns to me.
"That is a loaded question." He says.
"No it is not."
"How am I to answer that?"
"With honesty. What do you think of me?"
"Well" he starts out slowly "You are organized, a good mom, you tell it like it is, you are funny, heck, you laugh at my jokes." He stops.
I say nothing.
He continues, "You are a pretty cool gal, good qualities and you are interesting. You are thoughtful, you have something to say and it's not jibberish, you are easy to talk to, good with money, stable, happy. I love your smile. You have good teeth! You have a beautiful laugh." He stops again.
I say nothing.
He continues, "You have really come around, life is getting better and easier for you - there is no more drama with X. I can see you growing and thriving. Did I already say you are kind? Well you are. You see things with a smile and you have positive energy. I am not drained when I am with you. I am happier and life is easier when I am with you. Oh ... you are hot AND cute. That is a hard combo. It's pretty cool. You are smokin! Sexy! And we have a great time in the bedroom." He stops again.
I am silent. I am digging this!
He then asks "What do you think of me?"
I say "You seem like a good parent-"
He cuts me off with "I am a good parent."
I look at him.
He says to continue.
I say "You are a good man. I call you Charlie Brown for a reason. You are strong. I love your patience and calmness. You are easy going but again strong. AND, I think I have a stronger sex drive than you."
"Oh no you don't!"
He attacks me. Just what I wanted!!! We had amazing sex.
He falls asleep. I stay awake, wanting to sleep but ... no. My mind goes over everything about the day and what he thinks about me.
I think I fell asleep at 6:00 and he woke up and 7:00.
I'm a light sleeper so that woke ME up.
"Do you want to go to Church with me?" he asks.
WOW. The psychic said this would happen! Scary.
Because I did not answer right away he said if I did not want to go that would be fine, he would let me sleep. He also noticed how tired I looked.
I said I would go to Church.

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